Butt Tape Dispenser

This product is a cheeky and hilarious tape dispenser that will make you giggle and cringe. The product is a plastic figurine that looks like a butt, with a hole for the tape roll and a cutter on the side. The product comes with a roll of brown tape, making it look like poop. This product is a perfect prank gift for your coworker or friend.

Key Ink Pen

This product is a quirky and realistic ballpoint pen that will make you feel like a doctor or a nurse. The product is a pen that looks like a syringe, with a needle tip and a liquid-filled tube. The product has different colors of liquid, such as red, blue, or green. The product writes smoothly and clearly, and can be used for writing or drawing.

Cute Camera Pens

This product is a cute and adorable stationery set that will make you smile and happy. The product is a set of 10 items that have kawaii designs, such as animals, fruits, or flowers. The product includes pens, pencils, erasers, stickers, notebooks, and more. The product has high quality and durability, and can be used for school or office.

Cat Shaped Sticky Notes

This product is a colorful and useful memo pad that will make you organized and creative. The product is a pad of sticky notes that have bright colors, such as pink, yellow, or green. The product has 100 sheets per pad, and comes in different shapes and sizes. The product can be used for reminders, notes, bookmarks, or labels.